Be a Gender Bias Detective

About this game

There is a fun, engaging, and interactive new way to talk to colleagues and executives about gender bias at work. Presenting the Be a Gender Bias Detective online boardgame.

Be a Gender Bias Detective, is a highly engaging and intense online board game where learners take on the role of a bias detective and hunt down the five cognitive biases that impact gender diversity at work.

You can deploy this game on your LMS as a SCORM package or you can deploy it through the Skills Cafe’ cloud LMS.

The five cognitive biases

The list of cognitive biases run into hundreds. However, our team has identified four biases that are most critical to be managed to create an environment where gender diversity can flourish.

The Five Cognitive Biases are:

Prescriptive stereotypes

Prescriptive stereotypes

Prescriptive stereotypes

Prescriptive stereotypes

Affinity bias

Intense, engaging, and gamified

This is not a traditional, click and learn, eLearning, but, an intense and experiential online learning experience. The focus is on understanding biases and the impact they have on workplace decision making through scenarios, realistic situations, and case challenges.

Boardgame experience

This game has three levels. Each level presents a series of challenges that require learners to identify the biases at play and take decisions to neutralize them. Learners have access to the bias flashcards that provide in-depth understanding about the four cognitive biases.

Who is this game for?

This online game is most suited for Managers and team leaders. However, the online game is useful to build awareness about gender bias across all levels in an organisation.