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Developing interviewing skills requires practice. Executives either practice these skills on the job, where the cost of failure is very high, or, they practice through role plays during training programs, which is neither effective nor personalized to individual needs and skills.

The Master Interviewing Skills simulation provides a unique sandbox environment for executives to practice and master interviewing skills in a closed-loop, feedback driven environment. Executives take three to four simulated interviews and receive a personalized mastery scorecard to pin point areas of strength and improvement.


It’s the best way to master interviewing skills.

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Mastering the Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) technique through STAR

The interviews in this simulation focus on the STAR technique. The STAR technique is based on the proven and globally accepted Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI) technique. The core philosophy of BEI is that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations. The STAR technique allows the interviewer to systematically excavate evidence of relevant past performance and thereby drastically improves the success rate of hiring decisions.

Intense, engaging, and experiential

This is an intense, hands-on, and mastery focused simulation. The simulation requires participants to conduct three to four interviews using the STAR technique to find evidence for the required skills/competency. The simulations can be configured to run in learning or assessment mode.

This is not a traditional “teach and test” eLearning. The focus of this simulation is on building mastery through practice. Learners have access to the downloadable STAR technique flash cards that help them gain an in-depth understanding of the technique and how to apply it successfully.


The simulation can be administered in two modes – learner, and assessment mode. The assessment mode usually follows the Master the Star Interview Technique micro-workshop. The learner-mode provides tips, hints, and detailed feedback to the learner, while the assessment mode requires participants to conduct the interviews without any help or support.

At the end of the simulation, learners receive a detailed and personalized STAR proficiency report card. The report card helps learners and supervisors identify areas of strength and aspects that need further practice.


Simulation features


45 minutes

Applicable for

All HR and Line Managers who participate in the hiring process.

Pricing options

We have a variety of pricing options available.

Easy deployment

Easy deployment through the Skills Cafe' cloud LMS or as SCORM package.

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