Introduction to Design Thinking

About this Workshop

Most modern products and services, like the smartphone, did not exist even a decade ago. Surely, an iterative approach could not have resulted in an explosion of consumer goods and services that we experience today. It has required engineers, artists, thinkers, and experts to marry their individual arts in unique ways so as to create goods and services that fulfil unmet customer needs and open up new markets and possibilities.

Design Thinking is at the heart of this modern revolution. The Introduction to Design Thinking Skills Café micro-workshop, is an intense, hands-on workshop that allows participants to gain an understanding of the Design Thinking process and apply it to create and design new products, systems, and processes. We will work through case studies, examples and use tools and techniques to understand and apply the Design Thinking Process.

More Information

There are four skill drills in this workshop:

  1. Work from First Principles: Apply the first principles technique to get to the bottom of a problem or situation and work upwards from it. Working from the first principles is a core philosophy and way of thinking which prepares the ground for this micro-workshop.
  2. Know your Customer: Who is your customer? What do they bother about? Can you design products or processes without understanding who your customer is? Moving ahead, is there a difference between your customer and the consumer? And, who should you design for? Use stories and personas to develop deep empathy for your customer and consumer. This session is about keeping the customer at the heart of your design.
  3. Met and Unmet Needs: Use tools and techniques to identify the met and unmet needs of customers and consumers. Then, map these needs visually, so they drive your design.
  4. Ideate->Collaborate->Prototype->Repeat: Gain a broad understanding of the idea generation process and methods for rapid prototyping and design iterations.

Who is this program for?

Most suited for team members and team leads managing offshore/remote projects

What is a Skill Drill?

A Skill Drill is an intense cognitive and emotional workout that guides participants to adopt a new technique or a new way of thinking that can dramatically improve performance. Each Skill Drill is designed to last 45 minutes to an hour.

A pre-workshop survey ensures that the Skill Drills are relevant, contextual and realistic to the problems and challenges faced by participants in their daily jobs.

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