Leading Successful Offshore Teams

Leading Successful Offshore Teams

Whether you are leading an offshore software development team or managing an offshored back end process, working on the other side of the world, across continents or time zones can be very challenging. While technical and process skills can ensure quality, success in offshore projects often requires additional skills including cultural intelligence, responsiveness, planning and time management.

This powerful workshop consists of a series of Skill Drills that will empower you to lead offshore project teams to success.

Program Coverage

Skill Drill 1: Become a trusted partner (45 minutes.)


Building trust is simpler than you think. It is also very easy to break it. Trust is critical to building long-term client relationships and often serves as a backbone for project success. In this Skill Drill, we will focus on simple behaviors that build and maintain trust.

Skill Drill 2: Avoid common behavioral pitfalls (45 minutes.)


From estimating time to costing and budgeting, we all have simple heuristics and mental shortcuts to deal with complexities and decision making. In this Skill Drill, we will develop awareness about these mental shortcuts that can have long-term implications and even potentially derail projects.

Skill Drill 3: Develop cultural intelligence (45 minutes)


Cultural and linguistic diversity are embedded in every offshore project team. In this Skill Drill, we will build skills to manage diverse stakeholders, languages, organizational culture, and style of working.

Who is this program for?

This micro-workshop is ideal for team leads and managers who work in offshore or remote teams or are preparing for such a role.

Date and venue

Date: To be announced soon
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What is a Skill Drill?

A Skill Drill is an intense cognitive and emotional workout that guides participants to adopt a new technique or a new way of thinking that can dramatically improve performance. Each Skill Drill is designed to last 45 minutes to an hour.

A pre-workshop survey ensures that the Skill Drills are relevant, contextual and realistic to the problems and challenges faced by participants in their daily jobs.