Master Interviewing Skills

The most intensive interviewing skills training ever

As talent becomes the key frontier on which organizations compete, the ability to select and hire the right talent for the job has become more critical.

In this, blended and application oriented micro-workshop, participants will master the art and science of interviewing and develop deep skills in using the STAR interview technique. The STAR technique is a proven method for conducting successful interviews and is based on the Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) technique.

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Blended Learning

Concept exploration through micro-workshop

The micro-workshop covers topics such as:

  • The importance of developing interviewing skills
  • Ethical interviewing
  • Interviewing do’s and don’ts
  • Questioning techniques
  • Deep dive into the STAR interview technique

Concepts and techniques, in this micro-workshop, come to life through case studies, role plays, demonstrations, and exercises.


3 hours

Practice and mastery through simulation

The micro-workshop also incorporates the Master Interviewing Skills simulation. The simulation provides a unique sandbox environment for executives to practice and master interviewing skills in a closed-loop, feedback driven environment. Executives take three to four simulated interviews and receive a personalized mastery scorecard to pin point their areas of strength and improvement.


45 minutes

Micro-workshop features


3 hours

Applicable for

All HR and Line Managers who participate in the hiring process.

Pricing options

We have a variety of pricing options available.

Easy deployment

Easy deployment through the Skills Cafe' cloud LMS or as SCORM package.

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