Rethink classroom training

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The Skills Café Methodology

Precise, powerful, and only 3-4-hours long

High learning transfer through intense skill drills

Driven by engaging cases, learning games, and simulations

Leave your device behind and learn from peers and experts

Introducing Skills Café

Enable your team to master one skill at a time through micro-workshops designed around intense 45-minute Skill Drills.

Skills Café micro-workshops are scheduled either in the morning or, late afternoon, so they fit comfortably into the work schedule of busy professionals.

What is a Skill Drill?

A Skill Drill is an intense cognitive and emotional workout that guides participants to adopt a new technique or a new way of thinking that can dramatically improve performance.

Each Skill Drill is designed to last 45 minutes to an hour.

A pre-workshop survey ensures that the Skill Drills are relevant, contextual and realistic to the problems and challenges faced by participants in their daily jobs.

How is it different from a regular training program?

Traditional classroom workshops are one or two-day long. This means that busy executives need to spend many hours away from work. At the same time, research has shown that individuals find it difficult to stay focused for more than 30 to 45 minutes. Skills Café micro-workshops are short, focused on a single skill, and are driven through interactive games, case studies, and simulations. Skills Café micro-workshops consistently receive an average learner rating of +4.6/5.

How does one practice learned skills?

Mastering new skills and behaviors is a long road. Participants continue practicing and refresh their learning post-workshop through the Skills Café mobile app. The app keeps learners engaged with a daily dose of exercises, tips, hacks and expert opinions.

Micro-workshop Topics

Work Skills:

  1. Be a Cognitive Bias Detective
  2. Be a Gender Bias Detective
  3. Sexual Harassment
  4. Hack your Way to Productivity
  5. Influencing without Authority
  6. Networking: Internal and External
  7. Building your Personal Brand
  8. Data Driven Decision Making
  9. Gender and Diversity Sensitization

Leadership Skills:

  1. A Culture of Trust
  2. Lead Your Team Through Change
  3. Driving Performance Through Feedback
  4. Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  5. Building A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
  6. Customer Centricity: Code it in Your Team’s DNA
  7. Story Weavers: Storytelling for Leaders
  8. Leading with Cross-Cultural Sensitivity


  1. Human Centred Selling
  2. Negotiating to Close the Deal

Entry Level:

  1. Workplace Communication
  2. Professionalism and Work Ethics