Popular games and simulations

Gender Bias Detective

Be a Gender Bias Detective, is a highly engaging and intense online game where learners take on the role of a bias detective and hunt down the five cognitive biases that impact gender diversity at work.

You can deploy this game on your LMS as a SCORM package or you can deploy it through the Skills Cafe’ cloud LMS.

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Master Interviewing Skills

The Master Interviewing Skills simulation provides a unique sandbox environment for executives to practice and master interviewing skills in a closed-loop, feedback driven environment. Executives take three to four simulated interviews and receive a personalized mastery scorecard to pin point areas of strength and improvement.

It’s the best way to master interviewing skills.

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Beautifully crafted online learning experiences

Skills Café is building a suite of intense, challenging and captivating online learning programs that will change the way your employees think about learning and training. Focused on authentic work contexts and brought to life using highly engaging simulations and games, Skills Café online programs will keep your employees coming back for more. You can deploy these modules on your organization’s LMS or use the Skills Café cloud LMS. The Skills Café Learning Lens will help you measure and track key metrics that are important to you.

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The Skills Café advantage

Rapidly Upgrade Your Team’s Skills

Reduce Training Spends by 10x

Get Speed and Scale

Provide Continuous Learning

Skills Café learning methodology

Our belief is that for skill transfer to be successful, learning should be situated in real world contexts and allow learners to respond to authentic problems and situations.

This is why Skills Café online learning modules always start with realistic case studies, scenarios and situations. Once the context for the learning is set, a variety of learning support tools, including activities, games, case studies and simulations are used to ensure that learning transfer is high.

Each learning program is supported by a rich and active support site that helps learners stay connected with other learners and experts.

Learning programs


  • Workplace Communication Series
  • Being a Professional Series – Basics
  • Being a Professional Series – Advanced

First Time Managers

  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Transition

Leadership Skills

  • Be a Cognitive Bias Detective
  • Managing Change
  • Managing in the VUCA world