Storyweavers: Storytelling for Leaders

About this Workshop

“Stories work with people, for people, and always stories work on people, affecting what people are able to see as real, as possible, and as worth doing or best avoided. What is it about stories—what are their particularities—that enables them to work as they do?”
Arthur Frank, Letting Stories Breathe (2010)


Everyone has a story. However, not everyone knows how to tell a story well. This micro-workshop will equip you with proven tools and techniques to tell your story in a manner that will influence your listeners.

Storyweavers is an intense, hands-on micro-workshop where you will pick a story that you would like to tell, define your characters and choose your plot. Finally, you will use proven techniques to bring your story to life in front of a live audience.

Here is what we will cover in this micro-workshop:

Skill Drill 1: The power of stories and storytellers

Skill Drill 2: Once upon a time – pick a story to tell

Skill Drill 3: Types of stories and which one is yours?

Skill Drill 4: Stories to motivate, inspire, bring change and influence – learn from the masters of the art

Skill Drill 5: Tell your story with impact and authenticity

Skill Drill 6: Practice telling

Who is this program for?

Best suited for business leaders, managers and anyone involved in communication, driving change or influencing people.

What is a Skill Drill?

A Skill Drill is an intense cognitive and emotional workout that guides participants to adopt a new technique or a new way of thinking that can dramatically improve performance. Each Skill Drill is designed to last 45 minutes to an hour.

A pre-workshop survey ensures that the Skill Drills are relevant, contextual and realistic to the problems and challenges faced by participants in their daily jobs.

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