Taking Diversity Initiatives to the Next Level?

Year on year diversity professionals work relentlessly spending many hours and dollars but not always do they achieve what they set out to. Why is this happening? Are your employees, entry level to senior management, anti-diversity? Or is it that you are trying to fix Part A of the machinery when it is Part B that is causing trouble?

Most diversity and inclusion initiatives either operate at the level of policy change or sensitization interventions. Both are equally important and critical, but it’s only half the job done. Policies and guidelines give you a boundary to ensure better practices, but within that boundary, there is ample scope for not doing what is required. Sensitization programs focus on appealing to the heart. An impactful sensitization intervention can make people understand how grave the issue of diversity and inclusion is and it can move people emotionally, making them want to do the right thing. And that is great, awareness and sensitization are indispensable. But the everyday decisions your managers (men and women) take, decisions which impact diversity and inclusion at the workplace are rarely affected by emotions.