About us

About Us

Obsessed with learner success

We believe that learners succeed when they experience highly engaging interventions that are designed and delivered using evidence-based practices. At Skills Cafe', our learners come first and we are obsessed about their success. Our team of highly specialized instructional designers, learning psychologists, graphic designers, game designers, and facilitators are all united by this single purpose - make learners successful. Our methodology is based on a simple set of principles built around this purpose.


Focus on a measurable performance outcomes


Games and gamification makes learning engaging


Spaced repetition supports learning


Relentlessly evaluate the transfer of learning

Learning strategy

We believe that people learn best when we are provoked to challenge our existing mindset and skillset and those of others. Through our carefully crafted games, simulations, board games, case studies, and group processes, learners are thrown into immersive experiences that provide an active and positive environment full of dilemmas, conflicts, play, arguments and deep reflection. Our learning strategy is built on the following pillars.


Challenging existing mindset and ways of doing things through group processes and case studies


Exploring new ways of doing things, tools and techniques using guided processes and exercises


Practicing the newly learnt tools, techniques, methods through exercises, role-plays, and simulations


Identifying strategies and opportunities to apply new techniques at work

Facilitation strategy

We have translated our learning strategy into the OIRE learning facilitation framework. OIRE, that stands for Orient, Immerse, Reflect, and Extend, is an experiential learning framework that guides learners through a learning experience. We use the OIRE framework to facilitate  both live, face-to-face sessions and live, online learning programs.

Spaced learning

Learning transfer and retention is one of our key design goals. Learning is a slow process and it requires time for new practices, concepts, and behaviour to take root. Our post-workshop, learning nudges and spaced learning routine helps to beat the forgetting curve. To ensure that learners are engaged with the refresher learning content, we make our post-workshop learning nudges and content interactive and engaging through podcasts, infographics, case studies, quizzes, simulations, and videos.

Learning takeaways

At the end each learning event, participants are equipped with post-workshop reference resources including books and micro sites for course reference. All our learning events come with beautifully designed workbooks, handouts, takeaways and job support guides.

Meet Our Team

Ajay Dasgupta


Bob Philips


Jacintha Jayachandran


Rajiv Kuchhal


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