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Assertive Communication

2.5 hours

Skills Cafe training on being assertive and conflict management while …

What you'll learn
Frame their responses/constraints by using techniques like “conditional yes” and “diplomatic no”
Disagreeing by structuring their communication and having the main objective in mind
Establish a common ground and work towards finding win-win solutions
Apply the assertiveness techniques to overcome workplace challenges

Structured Business Communication

2.5 hours

In business, communication is key. Knowing how to get your …

What you'll learn
Define the goal and target audience of your communication
Structure their communication using frameworks for maximum impact
Use checklists to write with proficiency, brevity, and clarity
Apply models to speak, listen, question, and articulate effectively
Understand body language and non-verbal cues
Articulate their communication and adapt it to their audience

Fundamentals of Effective Communication

2.5 hours

Our business landscape is rapidly changing. Our scope of interaction …

What you'll learn
Deliver their information with the 6 core values of communication in mind
Improve their questioning skills using the 5 types of questions
Understand and apply the 3 levels of listening
Apply the Emotions vs Information Matrix
Communicate using the ARID model (Ask-Remind-Inform-Discover

Storycrafters – Data Storytelling

4 hours
All Levels

Numbers can tell powerful stories. Data Storytelling lies at the …

What you'll learn
Use data to enhance your message
Use appropriate data visualization techniques
Avoid chart junk and data clutter
Explore different types of charts and graphs and learn when to use which format to represent data
Conducting data experiments
Explore highlighting and focusing techniques
Use data and text together to tell a story

Storycrafters – From Presentations to Stories

8 hours
All Levels

Business presentations are not about beautiful slides or eye-catching graphics. …

What you'll learn
Use storytelling techniques to make high impact presentations
Stop thinking in slides and start thinking in stories
Make high-impact presentations to influence and persuade stakeholders
Use data for storytelling
Present with impact using virtual and face-to-face mediums

Communicating with Impact

6 hours

Explore strategies to understand you audience and structure your message …

What you'll learn
Define your audience
Create impactful messages using a mix of Ethos-Pathos-Logos
Use powerful structures to build your communication
Use the power of stories to communicate