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Hiring Right

3.5 hours
All Levels

As the war on talent intensifies and the skilled talent …

What you'll learn
Recognize the impact of cognitive biases on the interview process
Develop an appreciation for structured interviewing and the Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) technique
Apply the BEI process using the STAR technique
Develop an appreciation for exhaustive note taking in the interview process
Use the laddering technique to rate candidates

Negotiation Skills – Internal Teams

4 hours

This micro-workshop is geared towards making managers and professionals astute …

What you'll learn
Identify the key behaviors and attitudes of a skillful negotiator
Reach an Agreement (Concepts of BATNA and WATNA)
Differentiate between Interests and Positions
Understand key concepts like BATNA and WATNA
Preparation for Negotiations (Target Point, Settlement Point, Starting Point and Bargaining Range)
Concept of Opening Statements and Identifying Interests (FPIS and 4W questions)
Making Offers and Counter Offers (Variables, Concessions, Wish List, Options etc)
Understand the role that body language, speech, and words play in creating influence
Behavioral Tools in Negotiation (Anchoring, Availability and Framing Bias)
Handling Tactics

First Principles Thinking

4.5 hours
All Levels

First Principles Thinking is a method of problem-solving in which …

What you'll learn
Learn and apply the First Principles Thinking Approach
Apply First Principles Thinking to innovate and create new ideas
Enhance problem solving and critical thinking thinking skills
Identify the barriers to the First Principles Thinking approach

Becoming a Critical Thinker

3.5 hours
All Levels

“Critical thinking is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason …

What you'll learn
Understand common biases that stop us from thinking critically
Learn tools for critical thinking - 5Whys, Socratic Questioning, Fish Bone Diagrams
Learn tools for decision making - Decision Matrix