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Communicating with Impact

6 hours

Whether you are convincing your colleagues about your point of …

What you'll learn
Use the Who-What-How framework to prepare your communication and message
Use the concept of Ethos-Pathos-Logos to construct your message
Use the Power of 3 to structure your communication
Use storytelling techniques to create long lasting impact

Conflict to Collaboration

2.5 hours
All Levels

The modern workplace is a complex landscape with varied skillsets, …

What you'll learn
Identify the factors that impede collaboration at the workplace 
Adopt a collaborative style at work
Practice collaborative behaviors

Stakeholder Engagement

3.3 hours
All Levels

This Skill Café virtual and gamified learning journey is targeted …

What you'll learn
Map and identify critical stakeholders
Engage stakeholders proactively and by using the most appropriate technique
Move stakeholders from Unaware to Leading state
Appreciate the importance of trust and relationship building in stakeholder engagement