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Developing and Leading Resilient Teams

4 hours

Our bodies and our minds are like bridges. They withstand …

What you'll learn
Develop a personal resilience program
Role model the resilience behaviours with your team
Help you team members develop resilience

Appreciative Inquiry

2 hours

“All leadership is appreciative leadership. It’s the capacity to see …

What you'll learn
Explore the principles of appreciative inquiry
Adopt a strengths based approach in developing and working with people
Develop more resilient and happy systems and talent within organizations

Storycrafters – Business Storytelling for Leaders

6 hours

From telling the story of a brand, sharing a success …

What you'll learn
Develop an appreciation for storytelling as a tool for personal branding and influence
Explore types of stories and their structure
Understand when to use which type of story
Understand the objective of your story – clarify, influence, connect, inspire, celebrate
Explore characters, plot, conflict, high and low points, and resolution
Develop your own story for a given audience and objective
Practice telling your story with impact and influence