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Driving Engagement

3.5 hours

The push for higher employee engagement isn’t new, and yet …

What you'll learn
Learn the five styles of conflict management
Recognize the impact of not applying the same on levels of trust and overall morale
Place each team member on the Skill/Will Matrix based on attitude and work performance
Learn about intrinsic and extrinsic factors of motivation
Understand the value drivers of team members
Learn how to motivate each team member in a unique way
Create a “Speak Up” culture by driving open conversations and creating safe spaces

The Empathic Way

3 hours

How well do you really understand and embrace the perspective …

What you'll learn
Appreciate the importance of demonstrating empathy in the workplace
Be mindful of the other person’s needs, motives and actions and act accordingly
Utilise a toolkit of communication skills to engage in more empathetic interactions in different workplace scenarios

Developing and Leading Resilient Teams

3.8 hours

Our bodies and our minds are like bridges. They withstand …

What you'll learn
Develop a personal resilience program
Role model the resilience behaviours with your team
Help you team members develop resilience

Appreciative Inquiry

2.5 hours

“All leadership is appreciative leadership. It’s the capacity to see …

What you'll learn
Explore the principles of appreciative inquiry
Adopt a strengths based approach in developing and working with people
Develop more resilient and happy systems and talent within organizations