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Developing and Leading Resilient Teams

3 hours

Our bodies and our minds are like bridges. They withstand …

What you'll learn
Cultivating a resilient mindset that adapts to change
Applying day-to-day practices that improve personal resilience
Being a trusted leader and building a positive team culture
Leading a team with empathy and support

Driving Change

3.5 hours

The velocity and force of change has increased tremendously in …

What you'll learn
Appreciate the importance of structured change management
Adopt a communication and leadership that is style most appropriate during a phase of rapid change
Develop an understanding of the Kubler Ross Change Curve
Identify the stages of change adoption and how to work through each stage
Balancing emotions and information during a change process

The Empathetic Way

3.5 hours

Everyone comes into the workplace with a knowledge of their …

What you'll learn
Appreciate the importance of demonstrating empathy at the workplace
Use the 3-part framework of Sensing-Seeking-Acting to display emotional intelligence at work
Be mindful of team member’s needs, motives and actions and act accordingly
Utilize a toolkit of communication skills to engage in more empathetic interactions in different workplace scenarios

Appreciative Inquiry

4 hours

“All leadership is appreciative leadership. It’s the capacity to see …

What you'll learn
Understand the importance of Appreciate Inquiry for managing a healthy team
Apply Appreciative Inquiry to provide feedback, design a process, or restructure the workplace
Learn about the 5 core principles of Appreciative Inquiry
Discover the 5-D cycle of Appreciative Inquiry

Developing People

3.5 hours

There is a wide array of tools available to managers …

What you'll learn
Build an understanding of tools to develop team members
Use tools like Shadowing, Coaching, and Delegation to develop people
Learn ways to develop attitude and a mindset that is conducive to growth
Discover questions that can result in impactful conversations and insights

Storycrafters – Business Storytelling for Leaders

6 hours

From telling the story of a brand, sharing a success …

What you'll learn
Develop an appreciation for storytelling as a tool for personal branding and influence
Explore types of stories and their structure
Understand when to use which type of story
Understand the objective of your story – clarify, influence, connect, inspire, celebrate
Explore characters, plot, conflict, high and low points, and resolution
Develop your own story for a given audience and objective
Practice telling your story with impact and influence