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Stakeholder Engagement

3.5 hours

Most projects, processes and product implementations run into problems because …

What you'll learn
Map and identify critical stakeholders.
Move stakeholders from Unaware to Leading state.
Engage stakeholders proactively and by using the most appropriate technique.
Appreciate the importance of trust and relationship building in stakeholder engagement

Goals to Habits

2 hours
All Levels

To achieve big goals, we need to start with habits …

What you'll learn
Take a system first approach to achieving goals
Understanding the four stages of habit – cue, craving, response, reward
Applying the four stages to creating good habits
Tracking progress and staying on course

Building Cross-Cultural Intelligence

2 hours
All Levels

Cultural, linguistic, and social diversity is embedded in the fabric …

What you'll learn
Understanding Cross-Cultural Intelligence
Working in Cross-cultural teams
Being mindful of other cultures in a workplace
Learning the effects of culture on working style, decision-making, and behavior