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Strategic Thinking

4.5 hours

Strategic thinking refers to the mental process applied by an …

What you'll learn
Develop a strategic thinking mindset
Understand common biases and pitfalls that stop us from being strategic thinkers
Understand the process of thinking strategically
Apply the strategic thinking process to a broad range of problem
Cognitive biases that impact strategic thinking
The strategic thinking guidebook

The Art of Receiving Feedback

3 hours

Imagine a world with hands to give, but none to …

What you'll learn
Understand the level of competencies and provide feedback
Learn strategies to prepare for feedback
Control emotions during feedback discussions
Question and discuss feedback effectively

The Personal Resilience Program

4 hours

Our bodies and our minds are like bridges. They withstand …

What you'll learn
Adopt a resilient mindset
Discover unique personal strengths
Develop a personal resilience program