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Goals to Habits

2.5 hours
All Levels

To achieve big goals, we need to start with habits …

What you'll learn
Take a system first approach to achieving goals
Understanding the four stages of habit – cue, craving, response, reward
Applying the four stages to creating good habits
Tracking progress and staying on course

Storycrafters – From Presentations to Stories

10 hours
All Levels

Business presentations are not about beautiful slides or eye-catching graphics. …

What you'll learn
Use storytelling techniques to make high impact presentations
Stop thinking in slides and start thinking in stories
Make high-impact presentations to influence and persuade stakeholders
Use data for storytelling
Present with impact using virtual and face-to-face mediums

Productivity Hacks

4 hours

Learn the art of and science of being productive …

What you'll learn
Apply the concept of Opportunity Cost to personal time and productivity management
Avoid the sunk cost fallacy
Apply the Kanban methdology to personal time management
Apply effective strategies to manage changing priorities
Avoid multitasking and practice unitasking
Practice focusing techniques at work
Practice techniques for energy restoration