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Storycrafters – From Presentations to Stories

8 hours
All Levels

Business presentations are not about beautiful slides or eye-catching graphics. …

What you'll learn
Use storytelling techniques to make high impact presentations
Stop thinking in slides and start thinking in stories
Make high-impact presentations to influence and persuade stakeholders
Use data for storytelling
Present with impact using virtual and face-to-face mediums

Communicating with Impact

6 hours

Explore strategies to understand you audience and structure your message …

What you'll learn
Define your audience
Create impactful messages using a mix of Ethos-Pathos-Logos
Use powerful structures to build your communication
Use the power of stories to communicate

Influence Without Authority

3 hours

Influence stakeholders without authority. Build relationship, trust, and credibility. …

What you'll learn
Discover the 9 universal strategies for developing influence
Learn essential skills to influence stakeholders
Appreciate the importance of relationship building
Appreciate the importance of building trust and credibility

The Art of Receiving Feedback

3 hours

Imagine a world with hands to give, but none to …

What you'll learn
Learn strategies to prepare for feedback
Control emotions during feedback discussions
Prepare the right questions to discuss feedback effectively and authentically