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    The Art of Feedback

    3.5 hours

    Traditional feedback techniques focused on finding gaps and correcting behaviors …

    What you'll learn
    Develop awareness about cognitive biases that impact the performance review process and use simple strategies to minimize their impact
    Prepare for a feedback discussion
    Decide on a feedback style – directive/coaching
    Carry out a structured feedback discussion using the STAR/AR feedback framework
    STAR/AR checklist
    STAR/AR guidebook

    Personal Goal Setting

    4 hours
    All Levels

    Goal Setting enables us to focus our attention on smaller, …

    What you'll learn
    Learn about Goal Setting
    Create a plan to achieve goals
    Apply OKR and SMART goals
    Learn about risk management and techniques to handle potential risks

    Art of Performance Feedback

    3.5 hours

    Nothing engages, nurtures, and motivates employees more than a well …

    What you'll learn
    Be conscious of biases that impact the feedback process
    Prepare for a feedforward discussion with team members using GIF
    Follow the STAR technique to provide specific feedback
    Handle various employee scenarios during a feedforward discussion
    Use the organizations rating scale to rate team members
    Discuss ratings with team members
    Setup system and mechanism for ongoing developmental feedback

    Goals to Habits

    2.5 hours
    All Levels

    To achieve big goals, we need to start with habits …

    What you'll learn
    Take a system first approach to achieving goals
    Understanding the four stages of habit – cue, craving, response, reward
    Applying the four stages to creating good habits
    Tracking progress and staying on course