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Managers act as captains of their ships. Their task is not to do the actual steering or keep stocks of the available rations, but to ensure that all of these tasks are carried out with an end goal of reaching the destination. Managers in the end must choose tasks that have the highest impact to their teams and their organization.

In this experiential and gamified workshop, participants will explore principles of managerial leverage and the art of delegation.


Curated videos and reading material

Skill Drill 1: Understanding Managerial Leverage 

“A manager’s output = the output of his or her organization + the output of the neighboring organizations under his influence.” Andrew Grove, High Output Management A manager’s responsibility is to focus on tasks and activities that have a multiplier effect over an extended period. To create high leverage, manager’s must:

  • Focus on delegation
  • Build skills through one-on-one discussions, coaching, training, feedback
  • Providing information and expertise
  • Build cooperation and collaboration
  • Creating plans
Skill Drill 2: Art of Delegation   

A guided session to explore the steps and strategies for effective delegation:

  • Task/Strategic delegation
  • Delegation as a development tool
  • Directive vs Coaching styles
  • Structured delegation
  • Following through

   Skill Drill 3: Reflection and Summary

A guided session to share learning and insights from the workshop. Participants complete their learning journal and action

  • Email nudges 2,5,10,15 days
  • Self-paced simulation on Day 10
  • Curated learning resources, videos, and book references

Guided reflection circle after 30 days of the workshop

Learning Objectives

·Understand the importance of managerial leverage
·Appreciate the importance of effective delegation
·Set up processes for high quality and high productivity


  • No prerequisites

Target Audience

  • Managers
Driving Results
Duration 3.5 hours

Material Includes

  • Handouts
  • Nudge Cards

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