Hiring Right: Interviewing Skills Training Foundations


About This Course

In this interactive and application-oriented workshop, participants build an appreciation for structured interviewing and learn to apply the BEI –  Behavioral Event Interview process to evaluate behavioural areas. of a candidate. This workshop is driven through group processes and realistic role-play exercises. Participants work through the Master Interviewing Skills workbook during the workshop. 

The target audiences for this workshop are busy first time interviewers and new managers who need just-in-time and short interviewing skills training.

Learning  Journey 

  • Pre-workshop teaser email and case study: 10 minutes 
  • Workshop: 2 hours 
  • Post workshop, gamified, spaced practice using short online and self-paced simulations (30 minutes) 

Skill Drill 1: Behavioural Event Interviewing (1 hour) 

In this skill drill, we will do a deep dive into structured interviews and explore the Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) technique.

 Session Outcomes  

At the end of this skill drill, participants will be able to:  

  • Develop an understanding of Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) technique  
  • Apply the BEI process using the STAR technique  


  • Why structured interviewing?
  • Introduction to the STAR technique 
  • Demonstration of STAR technique 
  • Effective questioning and probing 
  • Effective note taking and rating
  • Debrief and Q&A 

 Skill Drill 2: Practice BEI (45 minutes) 

In this skill drill, participants will practice conducting behavioural event interviews in groups.

  Session Outcomes  

At the end of this skill drill, participants will be able to:  

  • Apply the BEI process to specific behavioral competencies 
  • Receive feedback from peers 


  • Participants work in triads. Each person takes on the role of interviewer, interviewee, and observer 
  • Participants give feedback to each other on how they conducted the BEI 

 Skill Drill 3: Reflection and Summary (15 minutes) 

 Following the practice process, the facilitator leads a guided feedback and reflection session on the BEI process.  


  • Short self-paced simulations

Learning Objectives

Develop an appreciation for structured interviewing and the Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) technique
Apply the BEI process using the STAR technique
Practice interviewing using the STAR technique

Target Audience

  • Interviewers
  • Recruiters
  • Hiring Managers
Duration 2 hours

Material Includes

  • Workbook
  • Handouts
  • Simulation