Conducting Effective Meetings

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About This Course

Trust, confidence, and influence drive decision-making in today’s business milieu. Developing executive presence during client interactions and meetings is the cornerstone of building successful relationships and sustainably achieving business outcomes.


Curated videos and reading material

Skill Drill 1: Understanding Your Role

In this skill drill, participants will discover and explore the four roles during a business meeting:

  •  Bridge Builder
  • Value Creator
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Business Generator.

Skill Drill 2: Preparing for Client Interactions

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. In this skill drill, participants will explore the steps that one must take to prepare for a business meeting:

  • Learning about the client (key stakeholders, structure, company ownership)
  • Learning about the client’s business environment, problems, key business levers, and domain
  • Define your goal and agenda for the meeting
  • Prepare to represent your organization

Skill Drill 3: Conducting the Meeting

In this skill drill, participants will explore techniques to control and drive a meeting:

  • Explore micro behaviors that create powerful connections
  • Steps to conduct a meeting
  • Carry out an agenda-based discussion
  • Establishing and closing a meeting with a call to action

Skill Drill 4: Post-Meeting Practices

In many cases, what happens after meetings are more important than the meetings themselves. In this skill drill, we will discuss best practices to follow after a meeting with a client.


Learning nudges on days 1, 10, 30, and 60


Learning Objectives

Understand your role in a meeting
Learn how to prepare for meetings with clients
Explore the ways to drive a focused discussion
Understand how to handle follow-up discussions

Target Audience

  • Individual Contributors
  • Mid-level Managers