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About This Course

Goal Setting enables us to focus our attention on smaller, more achievable targets and not give up in the face of more significant challenges. It also helps us acquire specific knowledge, skills, and competencies and create an environment where we can immediately practice and receive feedback.


Curated videos and reading material.

Skill Drill 1: The Importance of Goal Setting

To have a bad plan is better than to have no plan at all! A plan inculcates a sense of discipline and pushes individuals to focus on achieving their goals. In this skill drill, participants will be immersed in activities that establish the importance of goal setting. They will also be introduced to the OKR Goal Setting Framework, IKRs, and SMART Goals. In addition, participants will also learn about the common biases that could result in poor goal setting.

Skill Drill 2: Setting Your Own Goals

Goals set by others do not have the same impact as self-authored goals. In this skill drill, participants will understand how to identify and set their goals, thereby taking charge of their own goal setting. Participants will also learn how to drive goal-oriented discussions with their managers. Finally, participants will apply techniques and be familiarized with the best practices to create or modify their goal sheets using OKRs and SMART goals.

Skill Drill 3: Goal Setting for Others (For Managers)

In this skill drill, the participants will be taken through the best practices to set goals for their team members, while being in alignment with the goals of the organization.

Skill Drill 4: Goal Setting Through a Risk Management Lens to Goal Setting

The purpose of risk management is to identify potential problems before they occur. In this skill drill, participants will apply the risk management lens to their goals, identify the factors that could derail them, and implement a structure to ensure success. This leads to activities and techniques that would help participants handle the risk and create a plan to solve it in a manner that does not hinder the process of achieving the goal.


  • Goal-setting tip cards.
  • OKR and SMART guide.
  • Learning nudges on days 1, 10, 30, and 60.
  • Post-test quiz.


  • Qualitative: Online survey distributed to participants.
  • Quantitative: Score in post-test quiz.


Learning Objectives

Learn about Goal Setting
Create a plan to achieve goals
Apply OKR and SMART goals
Learn about risk management and techniques to handle potential risks

Target Audience

  • Individual Contributors
Personal Goal Setting
Duration 4 hours

Material Includes

  • Program handout
  • Goal setting tip cards
  • OKR and SMART guide

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