Influence Without Authority

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About This Course

Executives often find themselves in a position where they need to drive a process, or a new initiative with people who they have limited or no authority over. How can executives become more adept at handling these situations? How can they influence their stakeholders (internal and external) positively and be more successful? This Skill Café virtual and gamified micro-workshop is targeted at helping participants improve their impact and influence.

Learning Journey The workshop will be divided into three parts:

  • Pre-workshop (30 minutes): Short introduction to persuasion techniques, negotiation principles, and Ethos, Pathos, Logo
  • Live Workshop (3 hours): Driven through group processes and exercises
  • Post-workshop (1 hour): Self-paced simulations and assignment

Skill Drill 1: Who are you Influencing? (30 minutes)

The first step is to identify who is it that you are trying to influence. In this session, participants conduct an audience analysis to find out:

  • Who is the stakeholder?
  • What do they want that they are not getting (their pain points, their needs, desires – fulfilled and unfulfilled)
  • WIIFM – defining What’s In It For Me and Them?
  • Who are they influenced by?

Methodology: Short case-based exercises

Skill Drill 2: Exploring Techniques (2 hours)

In this session, participants explore techniques to influence stakeholders:

  • Ethos, Pathos, Logos
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Negotiation techniques

Methodology: Group processes

Skill Drill 3: Putting it All Together (1 hour)

In this session, participants go through a simulation exercise in which they are required to influence a stakeholder to achieve their goal.

Methodology: Simulation

Skill Drill 4: Reflection and Learning Journaling (15 minutes)

In this session, participants will use a learning journal to record their key learning from the session. Participants will also be introduced to the post-workshop case


  • Short self-paced simulations
  • (Optional) Role play assessment with an evaluator and report
  • Learning nudges on days 5, 10, and 15

Program Evaluation:

  • Post-workshop feedback
  • Evaluation of post-workshop role play assignment

Learning Objectives

Identify strategies to influence through credibility
Identify strategies to influence using a mix of logic and emotional appeal
Identify the strategies to be more persuasive
Explore negotiation strategies
Strategies of Influence
Persuasion techniques
Ethos, Pathos, Logo
Principles of Persuasion
Principles of Negotiation


  • No prerequisites

Target Audience

  • Individual Contributors, Sales, Customer Support and Service
Influence Without Authority
Duration 3.8 hours

Material Includes

  • The influence without authority guidebook
  • Program handouts

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