Stakeholder Engagement

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About This Course

Most projects, processes and product implementations run into problems because of inadequate stakeholder engagement and support. How can executives identify and manoeuvre around tricky stakeholders, build support and drive projects to successful completion?

In this virtual, simulation driven workshop, participants will explore techniques and strategies to effectively manage internal and external stakeholders and drive projects to success.

Pre-workshop: Short gamified quizzes to develop core understanding of stakeholder management principles.

Program Coverage:

  • Identify stakeholders.
  • Be aware of the changing stakeholder landscape.
  • Assess stakeholders’ interests and influence.
  • Build relationship through trust.
  • Identify stakeholders’ needs.
  • Identify strategies to influence.
  • Build stakeholder commitment.
  • Develop a stakeholder communication plan.
  • Monitor stakeholder commitment and engagement.
  • Be creative in negotiating solutions with stakeholders.

The workshop is driven through a simulation game in which participants are required to identify, engage, and influence their stakeholders to achieve success.

Skill Drill 1: Identify and Map your Stakeholders. (30 minutes)
In this skill drill, participants will explore the concept of:

  • Power and Interest.
  • The Stakeholder Engagement Continuum.

Skill Drill 2: Influence your Stakeholders. (2 hours)
In this skill drill, participants will work with core concepts and strategies for influencing stakeholders. Participants will explore:

  • Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement – Push and Pull.
  • Strategies of Influence.

Skill Drill 3: Negotiation and Persuasion. (30 minutes)
In this skill drill, participants will explore techniques of negotiation and persuasion to ensure that stakeholders support and lead projects and do not become resistant or neutral. Participants will explore:

  • Negotiation Strategies.
  • Strategies of Persuasion.

Skill Drill 4: Reflection and Learning Journaling. (15 minutes)

In this session, participants will use a learning journal to record their key learning from the session. 


  • Short self-paced simulations.
  • Learning nudges on days 5, 10, and 15.

Post-workshop: 2 x Post-workshop online, micro-simulations for refresher learning.

Program Evaluation:

  • Post-workshop feedback.
  • Post-workshop micro-simulation scores.
  • Live +45 scores after 45 days of workshop.

Learning Objectives

Map and identify critical stakeholders
Engage stakeholders proactively and by using the most appropriate technique
Move stakeholders from Unaware to Leading state
Appreciate the importance of trust and relationship building in stakeholder engagement


  • No prerequisites

Target Audience

  • All Levels - Simulation is designed for each level in the organization