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Exceed is a collection of high-impact, gamified, and application-oriented programs. The programs are targeted at individual contributors across the organization. Each workshop has a well-defined learning journey with pre and post-workshop assignments and learning evaluations to ensure that participants master the skills they gain through the program. 


Live sessions, delivered virtually and in-person

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the programs delivered?

Currently, all Skills Cafe’ programs are delivered virtually. All programs are live, synchronous learning events that require learners to login through a virtual conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx.

Are the courses downloadable?

No, these courses are not downloadable. 

Are these open programs?

We don’t run open programs. Currently these programs are delivered to teams within organizations.

Who developed these programs?

All programs are developed by the Skills Cafe’ content research and development team. All programs are based on research backed principles.

What learning methodologies are used?

All Storycrafters programs are delivered using Mural (Mural.co)
We use group processes, exercises, and practice drills to deliver these programs.

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