Let’s save the world from death by PowerPoint

Stories can be the factor that can help turn a good presentation into a memorable one. If you think this is easier said than done, think again! Through our StoryCrafters series, learn how to structure and deliver your presentations from start to finish, adapt your presentations for the audience you’re speaking to, and harness the power of data and success stories into your presentations for maximum impact.

Each workshop has a well-defined learning journey with pre and post-workshop assignments and learning evaluations to ensure that participants master the skills they gain through the programs.

4 Impactful packed programs

Program Coverage

Explore the different frameworks of a story

Knowing all the formats and structures of stories helps in knowing which one to apply for the story you would like to tell, be it a Hero’s story or a 3-part structure.

Know your Audience

The impact of your presentation depends on how well you know your audience and the way in which you’ve adapted your story to address them.

Be a Master Presenter

Through roleplays and mock presentations, work on the best way to deliver your story with maximum impact.

Program Highlights

All workshops on StoryCrafters programs offer a mix of pre and post workshop activities, live workshops, group processes, and spaced practice through simulations. 

Spaced practice through self-paced simulations

All programs offer spaced practice opportunities to participants through self-paced, online simulations. The simulations allow participants to test their skills in a safe, online environment. All simulations provide a personalized report to participants. 

Realistic role plays and practice scenarios

All programs involve understanding the audience and catering to them, learning different story frameworks, using storytelling and structuring techniques to create the perfect power-packed presentation! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the programs delivered?

All programs are blended learning journeys. All workshops are live, synchronous learning events that require learners to login through a virtual conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. The self-paced components of the program require learners to login to a learning portal.

Are the courses downloadable?

Yes. Participants have access to video recordings of each workshop.

Are these open programs?

Currently, we don’t run open programs. These programs are delivered to teams within organizations.

Who developed these programs?

All programs are developed by the Skills Cafe’ content research and development team. All programs are based on research informed principles and practices.

What learning methodologies are used?

All workshops are delivered using a mix of role-plays, case studies, group processes, and self-paced simulations.

Is the program customizable?

Yes. We conduct a thorough needs analysis through focus group discussions and surveys. All case studies and processes are customized to the needs of the target audience. The components of the learning journey are also customizable.

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