About Skills Café

Why Choose Skills Café

We are an award-winning learning design studio that designs high impact microworkshops, custom learning games, simulations, board games, mastery-oriented workshops, eLearning, and digital learning content.

Learning strategy



Challenging existing mindset and ways of doing things through group processes and case studies


Exploring new ways of doing things, tools and techniques using guided processes and exercises


Practicing the newly learnt tools, techniques, methods through exercises, role-plays, and simulations


Identifying strategies
and opportunities to
apply new techniques
at work

Spaced Learning Post Workshop

Learning transfer and retention is one of our key design goals. Learning is a slow process and it requires time for new information, practices, concepts, and behaviour to take root. Our post-workshop, spaced learning routine helps to beat the forgetting curve. Workshop participants receive refresher learning on Days 1, 10, 30, and 60. This routine is based on Piotr Wozniak’s Super-Memo programme.

To ensure that learners are engaged with the refresher learning content, we design our post-workshop learning content beautifully and make them interactive and engaging through case studies, quizzes, simulations, and videos.

You can use our cloud-based tool – SkillNinja or use your LMS to auto-schedule the delivery of the refresher learning resources to participants

All microworkshops include

Skills café microworkshops are highly customizable and can be designed to suit individuals organisational needs. At the end of a microworkshop the participants are equipped with post-workshop reference resources including books and micro sites for course reference. All our microworkshops also come with Beautifully designed workbooks, handouts, takeaways and job support guides.

Our Team

Jacintha Jayachandran

Rajiv Kuchhal

Ajay Dasgupta

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