Productivity Hacks


In this Skills Café microworkshop, we will explore techniques, strategies, and concepts that will help you become more productive and take charge of your day. We will work through exercises and activities to understand the myths associated with time management and identify the biggest obstacles to achieving peak productivity. We will also explore tools and techniques that will help you create a personalized strategy for greater productivity.

Program Outline

  • Skill drill 1: The time management myth

    In this skill drill, participants will explore why time management is a myth and why executives should instead focus on:

    • Managing impact
    • Managing focus
    • Managing energy
  • Skill drill 2: The greatest obstacles

    In this skill drill, we will explore what stops us from achieving peak productivity. We will work through activities and exercises to identify the root causes and discuss strategies to mitigate their effect. We will cover the following pitfalls - Distractions, Work organization, Work atmosphere, Multitasking, Overconfidence effect, Inability to say NO, and Procrastination.

  • Skill drill 3: Tools for success

    In this skill drill, we will discuss practical tools to achieve peak productivity.

    • Unplugging, uni-tasking, and outcome focusing
    • Small-picture thinking
    • Controlling your gathering points
    • Estimating and planning
    • Saying No
    • Your body’s best time
    • Deep work

Post workshop support

A reference microsite with additional tools, techniques, videos, best practices, and case studies. Refresher learning through emails -1, 10, 30, 60 days, and a self-report survey.


  • Qualitative: Learners select one or two tools from the workshop that they can implement at work. Learners report their experiences of using the tools after 2 weeks through an online self-report

Workshop Details

  • Time: 4-5 hours
  • Target Audience: All levels

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