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New Manager Program

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A high-impact, game-based, blended learning journey

Most new managers rise to team leadership roles on the back of their technical, functional, and domain skills. However, most young managers receive little or no formal training in leading or managing people. In this blended, gamified, and high-impact learning journey, participants will explore essential managerial tools like goal setting, delegation, conducting performance RCA, performance monitoring, conducting structured check-in discussions, feedforward, coaching, and explore strategies to keep their teams motivated and happy. 

The Business Case

 “A manager’s output is the output of the organization under their supervision or influence”
Andy Grove, High Output Management


It’s evident that great managers boost performance, but poor managers deplete trust, motivation, and the will to perform. Poor managerial skills can have devastating consequences for the team and on individuals. The core objective of the Rise program is to develop better frontline managers by focusing on a few key skills and practices that can have a profound impact on team performance.


Great managers boost employee productivity by an average of 11% per employee and have lower turnover in their teams.


65% of employees would rather have a new manager than a pay raise.


Managers may account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement.

The Rise Learning Journey

A comprehensive, blended learning journey with five key learning events. Each event is broken into pre-workshop orientation, a live, interactive, gamified workshop with action planning, post-workshop learning nudges, self-paced assignments, and action plan follow-up. 

Week 1 - The Rise Simulation Game

A self-paced, action-packed, business simulation game in which participants take on the role of a young leader who needs to steer her team to success by focusing on key managerial behaviours.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover key managerial behaviours
  • Discover your managerial style
  • Reflect on your managerial scorecard

Self-paced, 1 hour

Week 2 - LeadCraft

A live, virtual boardgame where participants discover the skill/will matrix, the managerial tools, and when to use each tool.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover the Skill/Will matrix
  • Discover the managerial tools
  • Identify the correct use of each tool based on the person, situation, and the business context

Live, virtual workshop, 2.5 hours

Week 3 - Driving Results

A business simulation game in which participants work in teams to improve the business performance of a struggling team inside a larger organization.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Set stretch goals
  • Clarify goals
  • Keep the team focused
  • Delegate work effectively

Live, virtual workshop, 3 hours

Week 4 - From Feedback to feedforward
Being Persuasive

A series of group processes and role play exercises to discover the power of questions, the importance of conducting frequent check-in discussions, and providing structured feedback.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Conduct performance root cause analysis
  • Appreciate the importance of check-in discussions
  • Conduct structured feedback discussions using the STAR/AR framework

Live, virtual workshop, 3 hours

Week 5 - Motivation and Well Being
Conflict to Collaboration

A series of group processes and exercises where participants explore techniques to keep their teams motivated, happy, and inspired. 
Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand key drivers of motivation
  • Adjust your style to the key drivers
  • Avoid motivation drainers
  • Help team members structure and organize work efficiently
  • Build resilience

Live, virtual workshop, 2.5 hours

Week 6 - Certification

Workshop certification based on a learner score card derived from: 1. Engagement metrics:

  • Completion of pre and post activities
  • Completion of action plan
  • Participation in learning community site

2. Proficiency metrics: 

  • Scores in self-paced simulations
  • Grading of application stories through Blogs/Vlogs
  • Action plan and project completion

Additional Elective Topics

  • Managerial communication
  • Stakeholder management
  • Influence without authority
  • Managerial decision making
  • Work structuring and task planning
  • Driving collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the programs delivered?

Rise is a blended learning program. All workshops are live, synchronous learning events that require learners to login through a virtual conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. The self-paced components of the program require learners to login to a learning portal.

Are the courses downloadable?

Yes. Participants have access to video recordings of each workshop. 

Are these open programs?

Currently, we don’t run open programs. These programs are delivered to teams within organizations.

Who developed these programs?

All programs are developed by the Skills Cafe’ content research and development team. All programs are based on research informed principles and practices.

What learning methodologies are used?

All workshops are delivered using a mix of digital tools including – Skills Cafe’ Live Boardgames, Mural (Mural.co), Self-paced simulation through Flogames. We use games, group processes, exercises, and practice drills to deliver these workshops.

Is the program customizable?

Yes. We conduct a thorough needs analysis through focus group discussions and surveys. All case studies and processes are customized to the needs of the target audience. The components of the learning journey are also customizable.