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Kingdoms of Markana

Kingdoms of Markana

Kingdoms of Markana
About Kingdoms of Markana

In the beginning, there were 6 kingdoms
the Red were fearless and bold
and the Green fought with passion and purpose
the swords of the Yellow shown brighter than the Sun
and the Blue would stop at nothing
the Purple thought their time had come
while the White, like ominous clouds, gathered all around…

What is this game about: It’s 5th century BC and the kingdoms in Markana are fighting for ultimate supremacy. Will your team take control of Markana? This is a virtual, live, collaborative board game. You will be assigned to one of the 6 kingdoms that rule Markana. The game has 12 rounds in which you can attack, conquer, negotiate, or join forces to become the undisputed rulers of Markana.

Max participants: max. 15 (first come, first serve)
Medium: English
Price: Free
Complexity: Easy
What will you need: A laptop computer + fast Internet + ability to use Zoom

Game Objectives
  • Explore conflict and its various aspects
  • Explore conflict, cooperation and negotiation
  • Explore tools for building influence and authority
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