The Art of Feedback

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About This Course

Traditional feedback techniques focused on finding gaps and correcting behaviors do not work. What managers need to focus on is a participative approach in identifying alternate strategies and focusing on what can be done in the future under similar situations.

In this experiential and gamified workshop, participants will explore the STAR/AR model of providing feedback and use it to structure feedback conversations with their team members.

Skill Drill 1: Develop and Awareness of Cognitive Biases

The objective of this session is to develop awareness about biases that impact performance review processes and use simple strategies to minimize their impact. We will deal with the Primacy, Recency, Availability, Anchoring, and Confirmation biases.

Skill Drill 2: Use the STAR/AR Technique

In this session, participants will:

  • Use the structured STAR/AR framework to drive a feedback discussion
  • Understand the difference between the directive and coaching styles and when to use which style
  • Explore the STAR/AR framework for giving feedback in a structured manner
  • Practice using the STAR/AR framework for giving ongoing feedback

Skill Drill 3: Reflection and Summary

A guided session to share learning and insights from the workshop. Participants complete their learning journal and action plan.


  • Email nudges 2,5,10,15 days
  • Self-paced simulation on Day 10
  • Curated learning resources, videos, and book references
  • Guided reflection circle after 30 days of the workshop

Learning Objectives

Develop awareness about cognitive biases that impact the performance review process and use simple strategies to minimize their impact
Prepare for a feedback discussion
Decide on a feedback style – directive/coaching
Carry out a structured feedback discussion using the STAR/AR feedback framework
STAR/AR checklist
STAR/AR guidebook


  • No prerequisites

Target Audience

  • Managers – All Levels